Vereinsbowling am 26. Januar

BowlingUnser Vereinsbowling findet nun nach Terminkorrektur am Samstag, den 26. Januar, im US-Play am Pfahlberg von 18 bis 20 Uhr statt. Treffpunkt dort ist 17.30 Uhr.


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  1. Florian am 22. Januar 2008 um 16:11

    Ihr seit ja spontan!
    Einfach mal so 2 Wochen nach vorne verlegt!

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  2. Alan Maimon am 22. Januar 2008 um 20:49

    Hey there, everybody. I played for the Poor Pigs back in the late 1990s. Nice job with the website. It’s great to see a combination of new and familiar names on this year’s roster. Clearly, your recruitment efforts have been successful. Let me know if any of you are ever in Las Vegas, where I now live.


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  3. Tobias am 22. Januar 2008 um 20:54

    Hi Alan,

    thanks for your comment on our website! It’s nice hearing from our (especially former) players!
    I’ve been to Vegas on Labor Day Weekend last year, during my summer vacation. Unfortunately I didn’t know about you back then :-)

    Greetings from Magdeburg!
    Tobias and the Poor Pigs

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