Stand: 2008-09-20

MBSV Aufbauliga Baseball: Highs & Lows


Most Plate Appearances
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team PA H BB HPOBPDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs431461.48823.08. G2@DDU2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs431890.62827.07. G2DDU2
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs411283.56127.04. G1@LWA2
4Dresden Dukes 2391171.48727.07. G1@MPP
 Dresden Dukes 2391761.61527.07. G2@MPP
6Magdeburg Poor Pigs38880.42120.09. G1CBG
#Team PA H BB HPOBPDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs8025151.51323.08.@DDU2
2Dresden Dukes 27828132.55127.07.@MPP
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs7725193.61027.04.@LWA2
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs7630152.61827.07.DDU2
5Dresden Dukes 26713143.44823.08.MPP
6Magdeburg Poor Pigs6619110.45510.05.@EFL2

Most At Bats
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team AB HAVGDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs3614.38923.08. G2@DDU2
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs3318.54527.07. G2DDU2
3Cottbus Graduates3210.31320.09. G1@MPP
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs3113.41910.05. G2@EFL2
 Dresden Dukes 23111.35527.07. G1@MPP
63 times30    
#Team AB HAVGDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs6425.39123.08.@DDU2
2Dresden Dukes 26128.45927.07.@MPP
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs5830.51727.07.DDU2
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs5525.45527.04.@LWA2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs5519.34510.05.@EFL2
6Magdeburg Poor Pigs4920.40810.08.@CBG

Most Hits
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team H ABAVGDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs1833.54527.07. G2DDU2
2Dresden Dukes 21730.56727.07. G2@MPP
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs1436.38923.08. G2@DDU2
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs1325.52027.04. G2@LWA2
 Leipzig Wallbreakers 21326.50027.04. G1MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs1331.41910.05. G2@EFL2
#Team H ABAVGDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs3058.51727.07.DDU2
2Dresden Dukes 22861.45927.07.@MPP
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs2555.45527.04.@LWA2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs2564.39123.08.@DDU2
5Magdeburg Poor Pigs2049.40810.08.@CBG
62 times19    

Fewest Hits
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team H ABAVGDateOpp.
1Erfurt Latinos 2116.06313.07. G2@MPP
2Erfurt Latinos 2315.20013.07. G1@MPP
3Cottbus Graduates420.20031.05. G1@MPP
45 times5    
#Team H ABAVGDateOpp.
1Erfurt Latinos 2431.12913.07.@MPP
2Cottbus Graduates1244.27331.05.@MPP
3Leipzig Wallbreakers 21340.32525.05.@MPP
 Cottbus Graduates1340.32510.08.MPP
 Dresden Dukes 21347.27723.08.MPP
62 times15    

Most Extra Base Hits
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#TeamXBH 2B 3B HR ABDateOpp.
1MPP65102513.07. G1EFL2
 DDU266003027.07. G2@MPP
 DDU265012323.08. G2MPP
46 times4      
#TeamXBH 2B 3B HR ABDateOpp.

Most Homeruns
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team HRDateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 2123.08. G2MPP
#Team HRDateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 2123.08.MPP

Most Total Bases
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team TB 1B 2B 3B HR ABSLGTB/HDateOpp.
1DDU2231160030.7671.3527.07. G2@MPP
2MPP221440033.6671.2227.07. G2DDU2
3MPP19651025.7601.5813.07. G1EFL2
4MPP17940025.6801.3127.04. G2@LWA2
 MPP17940031.5481.3110.05. G2@EFL2
64 times16         
#Team TB 1B 2B 3B HR ABSLGTB/HDateOpp.

Most Runs Scored
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team RDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs2427.07. G2DDU2
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs2227.04. G1@LWA2
3Dresden Dukes 21827.07. G2@MPP
 Dresden Dukes 21827.07. G1@MPP
5Magdeburg Poor Pigs1723.08. G2@DDU2
64 times15  
#Team RDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs3727.07.DDU2
2Dresden Dukes 23627.07.@MPP
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs3527.04.@LWA2
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs3223.08.@DDU2
5Dresden Dukes 22523.08.MPP
62 times24  

Most Runs Batted In
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#TeamRBI RDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs182427.07. G2DDU2
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs151723.08. G2@DDU2
36 times13   
#TeamRBI RDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs293727.07.DDU2
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs283223.08.@DDU2
3Dresden Dukes 2263627.07.@MPP
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs223527.04.@LWA2
5Dresden Dukes 2212523.08.MPP
6Magdeburg Poor Pigs202410.08.@CBG

Most Runs in an Inning
In a Game
#Team RInnRes. (Inn)DateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 2115th15:17 (5)23.08. G2MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs112nd17:15 (5)23.08. G2@DDU2
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs104th22:9 (5)27.04. G1@LWA2
 Dresden Dukes 2104th18:24 (5)27.07. G2@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs102nd24:18 (5)27.07. G2DDU2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs104th13:18 (5)27.07. G1DDU2
7Magdeburg Poor Pigs93rd24:18 (5)27.07. G2DDU2
8Magdeburg Poor Pigs74th15:10 (5)31.05. G2CBG
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs73rd14:2 (5)13.07. G1EFL2
1011 times6    

Most Runners Left on Base
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#TeamLOBRes. (Inn)DateOpp.
1MPP1217:15 (5)23.08. G2@DDU2
2LWA289:22 (5)27.04. G1MPP
 CBG810:15 (5)31.05. G2@MPP
 MPP813:3 (5)27.04. G2@LWA2
 MPP824:18 (5)27.07. G2DDU2
610 times7   
#TeamLOBRes. (Inn)DateOpp.
1MPP1915:10 (5), 17:15 (5)23.08.@DDU2
2MPP1513:18 (5), 24:18 (5)27.07.DDU2
3MPP1322:9 (5), 13:3 (5)27.04.@LWA2
 LWA2139:22 (5), 3:13 (5)27.04.MPP
 MPP138:9 (5), 15:10 (5)31.05.CBG
 DDU21318:13 (5), 18:24 (5)27.07.@MPP

Fewest Runners Left on Base
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#TeamLOBRes. (Inn)DateOpp.
1EFL225:15 (5)10.05. G2MPP
2EFL2314:9 (5)10.05. G1MPP
 MPP314:4 (5)10.08. G2@CBG
 CBG32:10 (5)10.08. G1MPP
 EFL230:6 (5)13.07. G2@MPP
62 times4   
#TeamLOBRes. (Inn)DateOpp.
1EFL2514:9 (5), 5:15 (5)10.05.MPP
2EFL272:14 (5), 0:6 (5)13.07.@MPP
3LWA2103:10 (5), 8:9 (5)25.05.@MPP
 MPP1010:2 (5), 14:4 (5)10.08.@CBG
 CBG102:10 (5), 4:14 (5)10.08.MPP
65 times12   

Most Strikeouts
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team K ABDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs113020.09. G1CBG
2Cottbus Graduates102110.08. G2MPP
 Cottbus Graduates103220.09. G1@MPP
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs92410.05. G1@EFL2
 Cottbus Graduates92431.05. G2@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs93110.05. G2@EFL2
#Team K ABDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs185510.05.@EFL2
2Cottbus Graduates174431.05.@MPP
3Cottbus Graduates164010.08.MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs164213.07.EFL2
5Leipzig Wallbreakers 2144727.04.MPP
6Magdeburg Poor Pigs136423.08.@DDU2

Fewest Strikeouts
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team K ABDateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 212323.08. G2MPP
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs33327.07. G2DDU2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs32527.07. G1DDU2
 Erfurt Latinos 232410.05. G1MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs32210.08. G2@CBG
 Leipzig Wallbreakers 232125.05. G2@MPP
#Team K ABDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs65827.07.DDU2
2Dresden Dukes 274723.08.MPP
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs85527.04.@LWA2
4Dresden Dukes 2106127.07.@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs104910.08.@CBG
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs104025.05.LWA2

Most Walks
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team BB PADateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs113627.04. G2@LWA2
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs93210.08. G2@CBG
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs93431.05. G2CBG
 Dresden Dukes 293523.08. G2MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs93723.08. G1@DDU2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs94327.07. G2DDU2
#Team BB PADateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs197727.04.@LWA2
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs156331.05.CBG
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs157627.07.DDU2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs158023.08.@DDU2
53 times14   

Fewest Walks
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team BB PADateOpp.
1Leipzig Wallbreakers 212327.04. G2MPP
 Cottbus Graduates12010.08. G1MPP
3Erfurt Latinos 222210.05. G2MPP
 Leipzig Wallbreakers 222125.05. G1@MPP
 Erfurt Latinos 221813.07. G2@MPP
6Cottbus Graduates33720.09. G1@MPP
#Team BB PADateOpp.
1Cottbus Graduates54610.08.MPP
2Leipzig Wallbreakers 264625.05.@MPP
3Leipzig Wallbreakers 275527.04.MPP
 Erfurt Latinos 275110.05.MPP
 Erfurt Latinos 273913.07.@MPP
6Magdeburg Poor Pigs105525.05.LWA2

Most Hit By Pitch
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team HPDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs425.05. G1LWA2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs431.05. G2CBG
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs327.04. G1@LWA2
44 times2  
#Team HPDateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs531.05.CBG
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs425.05.LWA2
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs327.04.@LWA2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs313.07.EFL2
 Dresden Dukes 2323.08.MPP
63 times2  

Most Sacrifice Bunts
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team SHDateOpp.
1Erfurt Latinos 2113.07. G1@MPP
#Team SHDateOpp.
1Erfurt Latinos 2113.07.@MPP

Most Sacrifice Flies
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team SFDateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 2227.07. G2@MPP
 Dresden Dukes 2223.08. G1MPP
37 times1  
#Team SFDateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 2323.08.MPP
2Dresden Dukes 2227.07.@MPP
35 times1  

Most Stolen Bases
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team SBAtt.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs151527.04. G2@LWA2
2Dresden Dukes 2141427.07. G2@MPP
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs121210.05. G1@EFL2
 Cottbus Graduates121231.05. G1@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs121227.07. G2DDU2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs121310.08. G2@CBG
#Team SBAtt.DateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 2242527.07.@MPP
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs232310.05.@EFL2
3Dresden Dukes 2222323.08.MPP
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs202027.04.@LWA2
5Magdeburg Poor Pigs191927.07.DDU2
 Cottbus Graduates192131.05.@MPP

Most Caught Stealing
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team CSAtt.DateOpp.
1Cottbus Graduates2710.08. G1MPP
 Erfurt Latinos 22910.05. G1MPP
 Cottbus Graduates2931.05. G2@MPP
48 times1   
#Team CSAtt.DateOpp.
1Cottbus Graduates2910.08.MPP
 Erfurt Latinos 221410.05.MPP
 Cottbus Graduates22131.05.@MPP
48 times1   


Most Assists
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team A PODateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs111523.08. G2@DDU2
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs81510.08. G1@CBG
 Cottbus Graduates81510.08. G1MPP
44 times7   
#Team A PODateOpp.
1Cottbus Graduates143010.08.MPP
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs123023.08.@DDU2
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs113013.07.EFL2
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs102927.07.DDU2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs103010.08.@CBG
64 times9   

Fewest Assists
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team A PODateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 211127.07. G2@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs11523.08. G1@DDU2
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs21325.05. G1LWA2
 Cottbus Graduates21231.05. G2@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs21510.08. G2@CBG
 Dresden Dukes 221523.08. G1MPP
#Team A PODateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 252427.07.@MPP
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs62525.05.LWA2
3Erfurt Latinos 273010.05.MPP
44 times8   

Most Errors
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team E TCFLDDateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 2825.68027.07. G1@MPP
 Leipzig Wallbreakers 2827.70427.04. G1MPP
 Dresden Dukes 2829.72423.08. G2MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs830.73327.07. G1DDU2
5Dresden Dukes 2618.66727.07. G2@MPP
 Leipzig Wallbreakers 2622.72725.05. G2@MPP
#Team E TCFLDDateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 21443.67427.07.@MPP
2Dresden Dukes 21250.76023.08.MPP
3Leipzig Wallbreakers 21143.74425.05.@MPP
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs1049.79627.07.DDU2
5Leipzig Wallbreakers 2946.80427.04.MPP
6Magdeburg Poor Pigs846.82631.05.CBG

Most Doubleplays
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team DPDateOpp.
1Leipzig Wallbreakers 2127.04. G2MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs110.05. G1@EFL2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs131.05. G1CBG
 Dresden Dukes 2127.07. G1@MPP
 Cottbus Graduates110.08. G2MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs123.08. G2@DDU2
 Cottbus Graduates120.09. G1@MPP
#Team DPDateOpp.
1Leipzig Wallbreakers 2127.04.MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs110.05.@EFL2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs131.05.CBG
 Dresden Dukes 2127.07.@MPP
 Cottbus Graduates110.08.MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs123.08.@DDU2

Most Passed Balls
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team PBDateOpp.
1Leipzig Wallbreakers 2227.04. G1MPP
 Erfurt Latinos 2213.07. G1@MPP
36 times1  
#Team PBDateOpp.
1Leipzig Wallbreakers 2227.04.MPP
 Leipzig Wallbreakers 2225.05.@MPP
 Cottbus Graduates231.05.@MPP
 Erfurt Latinos 2213.07.@MPP
5Dresden Dukes 2123.08.MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs123.08.@DDU2

Most Runners Caught Stealing
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team CSAtt.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs2910.05. G1@EFL2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs2931.05. G2CBG
35 times1   
#Team CSAtt.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs21410.05.@EFL2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs22131.05.CBG
35 times1   


Most Batters Faced
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team BF IPDec.DateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 2433.2L27.07. G2@MPP
 Dresden Dukes 2434.2L23.08. G2MPP
3Leipzig Wallbreakers 2414.2L27.04. G1MPP
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs394.2W27.07. G2DDU2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs395.0L27.07. G1DDU2
6Cottbus Graduates387.0W20.09. G1@MPP
#Team BF IPDec.DateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 2809.2L,L23.08.MPP
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs789.2W,L27.07.DDU2
3Leipzig Wallbreakers 2779.2L,L27.04.MPP
4Dresden Dukes 2768.0W,L27.07.@MPP
5Magdeburg Poor Pigs6710.0W,W23.08.@DDU2
6Erfurt Latinos 26610.0W,L10.05.MPP

Most Innings Pitched
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team IP BFDec.DateOpp.
1Cottbus Graduates7.038W20.09. G1@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs7.037L20.09. G1CBG
319 times5.0    
#Team IP BFDec.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs10.067W,W23.08.@DDU2
 Erfurt Latinos 210.066W,L10.05.MPP
 Cottbus Graduates10.064L,L10.08.MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs10.061W,L31.05.CBG
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs10.055W,W27.04.@LWA2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs10.046W,W10.08.@CBG
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs10.039W,W13.07.EFL2

Most Strikeouts
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team K IPDec.DateOpp.
1Cottbus Graduates117.0W20.09. G1@MPP
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs105.0W10.08. G2@CBG
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs107.0L20.09. G1CBG
4Erfurt Latinos 295.0L10.05. G2MPP
 Erfurt Latinos 295.0W10.05. G1MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs95.0W31.05. G2CBG
#Team K IPDec.DateOpp.
1Erfurt Latinos 21810.0W,L10.05.MPP
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs1710.0W,L31.05.CBG
3Erfurt Latinos 2168.0L,L13.07.@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs1610.0W,W10.08.@CBG
5Magdeburg Poor Pigs1410.0W,W27.04.@LWA2
6Dresden Dukes 2139.2L,L23.08.MPP

Fewest Strikeouts
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team K IPDec.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs15.0W23.08. G2@DDU2
2Cottbus Graduates35.0L10.08. G2MPP
 Dresden Dukes 234.1W27.07. G1@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs34.0L10.05. G1@EFL2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs34.0W25.05. G2LWA2
 Dresden Dukes 233.2L27.07. G2@MPP
#Team K IPDec.DateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 268.0W,L27.07.@MPP
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs710.0W,W23.08.@DDU2
3Leipzig Wallbreakers 289.2L,L27.04.MPP
4Cottbus Graduates1010.0L,L10.08.MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs109.2W,L27.07.DDU2
 Leipzig Wallbreakers 2108.0L,L25.05.@MPP

Most Walks
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team BB IPDec.DateOpp.
1Leipzig Wallbreakers 2115.0L27.04. G2MPP
2Dresden Dukes 293.2L27.07. G2@MPP
 Cottbus Graduates94.0L31.05. G2@MPP
 Cottbus Graduates95.0L10.08. G2MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs95.0W23.08. G2@DDU2
 Dresden Dukes 295.0L23.08. G1MPP
#Team BB IPDec.DateOpp.
1Leipzig Wallbreakers 2199.2L,L27.04.MPP
2Dresden Dukes 2158.0W,L27.07.@MPP
 Cottbus Graduates159.0W,L31.05.@MPP
 Dresden Dukes 2159.2L,L23.08.MPP
53 times14    

Fewest Walks
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team BB IPDec.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs15.0W27.04. G2@LWA2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs15.0W10.08. G1@CBG
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs25.0W10.05. G2@EFL2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs25.0W13.07. G2EFL2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs24.1W25.05. G1LWA2
6Magdeburg Poor Pigs37.0L20.09. G1CBG
#Team BB IPDec.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs510.0W,W10.08.@CBG
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs68.1W,W25.05.LWA2
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs710.0W,W27.04.@LWA2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs710.0W,W13.07.EFL2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs79.0W,L10.05.@EFL2
6Leipzig Wallbreakers 2108.0L,L25.05.@MPP

Most Hits Allowed
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team H IPDec.DateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 2183.2L27.07. G2@MPP
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs174.2W27.07. G2DDU2
3Dresden Dukes 2144.2L23.08. G2MPP
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs135.0W27.04. G1@LWA2
 Leipzig Wallbreakers 2135.0L27.04. G2MPP
 Erfurt Latinos 2135.0L10.05. G2MPP
#Team H IPDec.DateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 2308.0W,L27.07.@MPP
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs289.2W,L27.07.DDU2
3Leipzig Wallbreakers 2259.2L,L27.04.MPP
 Dresden Dukes 2259.2L,L23.08.MPP
5Cottbus Graduates2010.0L,L10.08.MPP
62 times19    

Fewest Hits Allowed
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team H IPDec.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs15.0W13.07. G2EFL2
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs35.0W13.07. G1EFL2
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs45.0L31.05. G1CBG
45 times5    
#Team H IPDec.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs410.0W,W13.07.EFL2
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs1210.0W,L31.05.CBG
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs1310.0W,W10.08.@CBG
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs1310.0W,W23.08.@DDU2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs138.1W,W25.05.LWA2
62 times15    

Most Homeruns Allowed
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team HR IPDec.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs15.0W23.08. G2@DDU2
#Team HR IPDec.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs110.0W,W23.08.@DDU2

Most Runs
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team R ER IPDec.DateOpp.
1DDU224193.2L27.07. G2@MPP
2LWA222194.2L27.04. G1MPP
3MPP18174.2W27.07. G2DDU2
 MPP18145.0L27.07. G1DDU2
5DDU217124.2L23.08. G2MPP
64 times15     
#Team R ER IPDec.DateOpp.
62 times24     

Most Earned Runs
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team ER R IPDec.DateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 219243.2L27.07. G2@MPP
 Leipzig Wallbreakers 219224.2L27.04. G1MPP
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs17184.2W27.07. G2DDU2
44 times14     
#Team ER R IPDec.DateOpp.
1Leipzig Wallbreakers 232359.2L,L27.04.MPP
2Magdeburg Poor Pigs31369.2W,L27.07.DDU2
3Dresden Dukes 229378.0W,L27.07.@MPP
4Dresden Dukes 226329.2L,L23.08.MPP
5Magdeburg Poor Pigs212510.0W,W23.08.@DDU2
6Cottbus Graduates202410.0L,L10.08.MPP

Most Unearned Runs
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#TeamUER ER IPDec.DateOpp.
1LWA2904.0L25.05. G2@MPP
2LWA2734.0L25.05. G1@MPP
3MPP645.0W31.05. G2CBG
45 times5     
#TeamUER ER IPDec.DateOpp.

In a Game
#Team  IP BF H BB K#PitRes. (Inn)DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs5.01812526:0 (5)13.07. G2EFL2

Most Pitchers Used
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team#Pit IP BFDec.DateOpp.
1Cottbus Graduates34.034L31.05. G2@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs35.032W27.04. G1@LWA2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs34.029L10.05. G1@EFL2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs34.025W25.05. G2LWA2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs35.022W10.05. G2@EFL2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs34.121W25.05. G1LWA2
#Team#Pitdiff. IP BFDec.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs649.051W,L10.05.@EFL2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs638.146W,W25.05.LWA2
3Cottbus Graduates549.063W,L31.05.@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs5310.055W,W27.04.@LWA2
55 times4      

Most Wild Pitches
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team WP IPDec.DateOpp.
1Leipzig Wallbreakers 264.2L27.04. G1MPP
2Dresden Dukes 253.2L27.07. G2@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs54.2W27.07. G2DDU2
 Leipzig Wallbreakers 255.0L27.04. G2MPP
 Cottbus Graduates55.0L10.08. G2MPP
65 times4    
#Team WP IPDec.DateOpp.
1Leipzig Wallbreakers 2119.2L,L27.04.MPP
2Erfurt Latinos 288.0L,L13.07.@MPP
 Dresden Dukes 288.0W,L27.07.@MPP
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs79.2W,L27.07.DDU2
5Magdeburg Poor Pigs610.0W,W27.04.@LWA2
 Cottbus Graduates610.0L,L10.08.MPP

Most Hit Batsmen
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team HB IPDec.DateOpp.
1Leipzig Wallbreakers 244.0L25.05. G1@MPP
 Cottbus Graduates44.0L31.05. G2@MPP
3Leipzig Wallbreakers 234.2L27.04. G1MPP
44 times2    
#Team HB IPDec.DateOpp.
1Cottbus Graduates59.0W,L31.05.@MPP
2Leipzig Wallbreakers 248.0L,L25.05.@MPP
3Erfurt Latinos 238.0L,L13.07.@MPP
 Leipzig Wallbreakers 239.2L,L27.04.MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs310.0W,W23.08.@DDU2
63 times2    

Most Homeruns allowed
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team HR IPDec.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs15.0W23.08. G2@DDU2
#Team HR IPDec.DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs110.0W,W23.08.@DDU2


Largest Margin of Victory
In a GameIn a Doubleheader
#Team R+Res. (Inn)DateOpp.
1MPP1322:9 (5)27.04. G1@LWA2
2MPP1214:2 (5)13.07. G1EFL2
3MPP1015:5 (5)10.05. G2@EFL2
 MPP1014:4 (5)10.08. G2@CBG
 MPP1013:3 (5)27.04. G2@LWA2
6MPP810:2 (5)10.08. G1@CBG
#Team R+Res. (Inn)DateOpp.
1MPP2322:9 (5), 13:3 (5)27.04.@LWA2
2MPP1814:2 (5), 6:0 (5)13.07.EFL2
 MPP1810:2 (5), 14:4 (5)10.08.@CBG
4MPP810:3 (5), 9:8 (5)25.05.LWA2
5MPP715:10 (5), 17:15 (5)23.08.@DDU2
6MPP59:14 (5), 15:5 (5)10.05.@EFL2

Biggest Deficit Overcome in a Win
In a Game
#Team R-InnRes. (Inn)DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs41st24:18 (5)27.07. G2DDU2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs44th9:8 (5)25.05. G2LWA2
3Cottbus Graduates32nd11:10 (7)20.09. G1@MPP
4Cottbus Graduates21st9:8 (5)31.05. G1@MPP
 Erfurt Latinos 221st14:9 (5)10.05. G1MPP
63 times1    

Most Runs in a Loss
In a Game
#Team R+ R-DateOpp.
1Dresden Dukes 2182427.07. G2@MPP
2Dresden Dukes 2151723.08. G2MPP
3Magdeburg Poor Pigs131827.07. G1DDU2
4Dresden Dukes 2101523.08. G1MPP
 Cottbus Graduates101531.05. G2@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs101120.09. G1CBG
7Leipzig Wallbreakers 292227.04. G1MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs91410.05. G1@EFL2
9Leipzig Wallbreakers 28925.05. G2@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs8931.05. G1CBG

Fewest Runs in a Win
In a Game
#Team R+ R-DateOpp.
1Magdeburg Poor Pigs6013.07. G2EFL2
2Cottbus Graduates9831.05. G1@MPP
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs9825.05. G2LWA2
4Magdeburg Poor Pigs10325.05. G1LWA2
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs10210.08. G1@CBG
6Cottbus Graduates111020.09. G1@MPP
7Magdeburg Poor Pigs13327.04. G2@LWA2
8Magdeburg Poor Pigs14410.08. G2@CBG
 Magdeburg Poor Pigs14213.07. G1EFL2
 Erfurt Latinos 214910.05. G1MPP

Key to abbreviations:
H: Hits; AB: At Bats; AVG: Batting Average; XBH: Extra Base Hits; 2B: Doubles; 3B: Triples; HR: Home Runs; SLG: Slugging Percentage; TB: Total Bases; TB/H: Total Bases per Hit; R: Runs Scored; RBI: Runs Batted In; LOB: Runners Left on Base; Res. (Inn): Result (Innings played); K: Strikeouts; BB: Bases On Balls (Walks); PA: Plate Appearances; HP: Times Hit By A Pitch; SH: Sacrifice Hits (Bunts); SF: Sacrifice Flies; SB: Stolen Bases; CS: Caught Stealing; Att: Stolen Base Attempts;
A: Assists; PO: Putouts; E: Errors; TC: Total Chances; FLD: Fielding Percentage; DP: Double Plays; PB: Passed Balls; SB: Stolen Bases against (Catcher); CS: Runners Caught Stealing (by Catchers); Att: Stolen Base Attempts;
BF: Batters Faced; IP: Innings Pitched; Dec.: Decision (Win or Loss); K: Strikeouts; BB: Bases on Balls (Walks); ER: Earned Runs; UER: Unearned Runs; H: Hits; #Pit: Number of Pitchers; diff.: Number of Different Pitchers; WP: Wild Pitches; HB: Hit Batsmen; HR: Homeruns;
R+: Runs Ahead; Res. (Inn): Result (Innings played); R-: Runs Behind; Inn: Inning;