Stand: 2008-09-20

Almicar Cubillo #23

Cottbus Graduates

AVG|Almicar Cubillo| .333
|League Average| .369
|League Leader: Mathias Würkner (MPP)| .630
OPS|Almicar Cubillo| 1.067
|League Average| .980
|League Leader: Torsten Muth (DDU2)| 1.692
HR| 0
|League Average| 0.0
|League Leader: Torsten Muth (DDU2)| 1
RBI|Almicar Cubillo| 3 (t26)
|League Average| 7.9
|League Leader: Tobias Bäthge (MPP)| 24
ERA|Almicar Cubillo| 40.50
|League Average| 14.93
|League Leader: Javier Liere (MPP)| 3.10
K|Almicar Cubillo| 1 (t19)
|League Average| 27.6
|League Leader: Javier Liere (MPP)| 46
|Player| Player  |League Avg.| League Avg.  |League Leader| League Leader


31.05. G1@MPPW9-8520110021010 .5001.000 .6671.667
31.05. G2@MPPL10-15541220010100 .5001.000 .5711.571
20.09. G1@MPPW11-10 (7)930000000200 .333 .667 .4001.067
vs. MPP (3)91330031310 .333 .667 .4001.067
awaygames (3)91330031310 .333 .667 .4001.067
Totals 91330031310 .333 .667 .4001.067


31.05. G1@MPPW9-83B0000 ---
31.05. G2@MPPL10-15P0000 
20.09. G1@MPPW11-10 (7)2B11011.000
Totals 21011.000

Fielding by Position

Pitcher111.100000.00 ---DNQ
2nd Baseman105.011012.001.000DNQ
3rd Baseman217.210000.501.000DNQ


31.05. G2@MPPL10-15SP1.114576031040.50 0.75 6.00 .500L (1)
vs. MPP (1)1.114576031040.50 0.75 6.00 .5000‑1
as starter (1)1.114576031040.50 0.75 6.00 .5000‑1
awaygames (1) 1.114576031040.50 0.75 6.00 .5000‑1
Totals 1.114576031040.50 0.75 6.00 .5000‑1
rank (ERA, WHIP, OAVG: lowest)19181718t15t17t19DNQDNQDNQDNQ-/t4/-

Key to abbreviations:
Player age calculated for July 1st of year
Barchart: league average for HR, RBI, K calculated using only players that meet qualification requirements (minimum PA/IP) for league championship in AVG/ERA
BO: Position in Batting Order; AB: At Bats; R: Runs Scored; H: Hits; 2B: Doubles; 3B: Triples; HR: Home Runs; RBI: Runs Batted In; BB: Bases on Balls (Walks); K: Strikeouts; SB: Stolen Bases; CS: Caught Stealing; AVG: Batting Average; SLG: Slugging Percentage; OBP: On-base Percentage; OPS: On-base Plus Slugging; ranking t: tied with other player(s); DNQ: does not qualify
Pos.: Defensive Position(s); PO: Putouts; A: Assists; E: Errors; DP: Double Plays; PB: Passed Balls; SB: Stolen Bases against (Catcher); CS: Runners Caught Stealing; FLD: Fielding Percentage (all positions); CSA: Caught Stealing Average; ranking t: tied with other player(s); DNQ: does not qualify
Pos.: SP=Starting Pitcher, RP=Relief Pitcher; IP: Innings Pitched, * indicates Complete Game; BF: Batters Faced; H: Hits; R: Runs; ER: Earned Runs; HR: Homeruns; BB: Bases on Balls (Walks); K: Strikeouts; WP: Wild Pitches; ERA: Earned Run Average (9 Innings); K/IP: Strikeouts per Inning Pitched; WHIP: Baserunners per Inning Pitched [(BB+H)/IP]; OAVG: Opponents Batting Average; W/L/S  : Win/Loss/Save (# of Season), Total: record; ranking t: tied with other player(s); DNQ: does not qualify